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  • 1980
    The family journeys begin throughout Europe.
  • 1984
    He moves to the United States, where he buys his first reflex photographic camera.
  • 1989
    First prize at the National Award for Environmental Photography.
    He travels to Africa.
  • 1990
    Photographic exhibition Carnival of Venice, at the Saura Room of the County Council of Huesca, attendance record.
    He documents photographically the II Congress of Sculptors at the Valle de Hecho for the County Council of Huesca.
    He documents photographically the II Festivals of Huesca for the County Council of Huesca.
    He travels to the Middle East.
  • 1992
    Second prize in the VI Aragonese Award of Young Photographers of the County Council of Aragón.
    He travels to Africa.
  • 1993
    Second prize in the VII Aragonese Award of Young Photographers of the County Council of Aragón.
    Exhibition EXPO 92 Une Visión Architecturale, at Le Mans, France.
    He travels through Eastern Europe.
    Inauguration of the small studio.
  • 1994
    Exhibition The Bicycles, at the Main Room of the County Council of Huesca, attendance record.
    He travels to Central America.
  • 1995
    He moves to Barcelona.
  • 1996
    He travels to Northern Europe, selected as representative of the County Council of Aragon in the Photographic Rally Paris – North Cape.
  • 1997
    He returns to Huesca.
    Exhibition Wails of Oblivion, at Zaragoza (County Council of Aragon) and Huesca (S'art Gallery)
    He travels to South America.
    He inaugurates the large studio.
  • 1998
    He settles as an artist and interior designer.
    Collective exhibition for the Homage to Beulas, County Council of Huesca.
    He spends periods at New York.
  • 1999
    Exhibition Burning One's Boats, UNED, Barbastro.
    Permanent installation of the sculpture Woman, at the IEP Pirámide of Huesca.
    He travels through Europe.
  • 2000
    He finishes the collection of 108 pictures named The World of Wine for ENATE Winery.
    He travels to Mali and Burkina Faso.
  • 2001
    Realization of the sculpture The Iron Forest.
    Exhibition Everything is Something, at the old bus station La Oscense, Huesca.
    He travels to India.
  • 2002
    Enate Winery launches a bottle of wine with a label by him.
    He travels to Central America.
  • 2003
    Enate Winery acquires The Iron Forest.
    He travels to Cambodia and Vietnam.
  • 2004
    Exhibition at the Art Gallery Enarte, Enate Winery, and inauguration of The Iron Forest, placed among the vineyards.
    He designs and directs the rehabilitation of the Museum Angel Orensanz y de Artes del Serrablo.
    He travels to Madagascar and through Europe.
  • 2005
    Production of the sculpture The Aura of the Montain at Panticosa, a sculpture of 40 tons of granite and iron, 14 meters high.
    He makes two large format sculptures, The Patient, and a numbered edition of 3000 small format pieces commissioned by the Mutua de Accidentes de Zaragoza, for their centenary commemoration. The large sculptures are placed at Zaragoza and Barcelona.
    He travels to Ethiopia and Europe.
  • 2006
    Inauguration of the sculpture complex the Trilogy of Coexistence, at Huesca.
    The Town Council of Huesca presents the documentary that tracks the assemblage of his large format sculptures during the last 3 years.
    He travels to Myanmar, Peru and Equator.
  • 2007
    He makes an edition of 25 sculptures of iron and stone for Fundesa.
    He makes an edition of sculptures, 250 pieces of iron and 50 pieces of bronze commissioned by Multicaja.
    Enate Winery organizes the itinerant exhibition The Impossible Labels, in collaboration with Eurostars Hotels. It starts at Barcelona (Hotel Grand Marina) and travels to Brussels and Prague.
    He travels to Laos, Cambodia and Thailand; the United States; Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, and Ukraine.
  • 2008
    He creates a line of sculptures-dishes for Restaurant Las Torres.
    He develops two large-scale sculptures The Tower of Music and Three Stone Trees, located at Benasque, Huesca.
    He begins the project 100 Samples for Analysis, in which 100 people from the emotional environment of the artist collaborate in a joint work of art.
    Enate Winery edits a new label by Vicente García Plana for the red wine Root, and another one for a limited edition of a Vintage Wine.
    Exhibition at Santander, in collaboration with Enate Winery, of The Four Elements.
    Exhibition at Leon, in collaboration with El Corte Inglés and Enate, of the collection The Impossible Labels.
    Exhibition at Lodosa, with other 10 artists, of the Enate Permanent Collection.
    He creates a series of sculptures about the Origami Birds by Ramón Acin, commissioned by Diario del Altoaragón.
    He travels to Nepal, Buthan, Denmark, Sweden and the United States.
  • 2009
    Exhibition of The Impossible Labels, at the Hotel Aneto at Benasque (Huesca), at El Corte Inglés at Zaragoza, at Cordoba and at Valladolid.
    Creation of a group of sculptures in the open air at Renanué, Huesca.
    Enate Winery edits a label in collaboration with the restaurant El Molino, at Santander.
    Enate Winery edits a new label for the red wine 'Land'.
  • 2010
    He finishes the mural of 30 pictures The Individuals, to be displayed at Theater Principal, Zaragoza.
    Enate Winery edits the third label from the collection The World of Wine, the label corresponding to the 'Fruit'.
    Her daughter Olivia is born.
    He travels to the United States.
    Enlargement of the outdoors surface of the workshop with 500m2 more, to place a permanent exhibition of sculptures in the open air.
  • 2011
    The Impossible Labels are exhibited at Soria, Zaragoza and Aramon Formigal.
    Exhibition, together with other authors, for the 20 Anniversary of Enate, at the Chamber of Commerce of Huesca.
    Diario del Altoaragón Newspaper chooses his wooden sculptures as an award to pay homage to the Personage of Honour from the Altoaragón.
    He exhibits the collection Bedside Books at Bookstore Anónima, a series of pictures about books.
    His son Jacobo is born.
    The television programme 'La llave maestra', in Televisión de Aragón, chooses his workshop to finish their season.
    Enate Winery acquires the iron sculpture The soul of wine.
    The General Treasury of Social Security places a wooden sculpture at the management department of their headquarters, at Huesca.
  • 2012
    Inauguration of the permanent exhibition The Individuals, at the Theatre Principal, Zaragoza.
    He executes a series of 22 pictures to be exhibited at the International Fair Alimentaria, at Barcelona.
    He travels to Ireland and Northern Ireland.