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The complete interior design project includes:

  • 1.- Design and development of the totality of the elements of interior design, with exclusivity for each client by Vicente García Plana and María Fanlo Piniés.

    A unique project is created in which all the elements are designed by our team, with exclusive character.

    The project includes plans, photographs, drawings and an extensive text detailing all the actions to be carried out.

    In the presentation of the project, the authors explain personally its content in detail, providing samples of materials and scale models of the designed elements. In large dimensions projects, various presentations will be carried out.

  • 2.- Development of a detailed budget, entry by entry of the presented project.

    Budgets are closed: ATELIER 19 assumes any deviation due to its own errors.

  • 3.- Re-elaboration of the project and budget, as many times as it is necessary, until it adjusts to the economic wish of the client.

  • 4.- Creation and development of a name or brand and its corporate identity. Development of a unified line for the internal informative elements (signage, names of rooms, general directory) as well as a complete line of stationery (cards, envelopes, invoces, letters…)

  • 5.- Handing of a calendar of planned actions and order of works.

  • 6.- Handing of periodical reports with photographs.

  • 7.- Continuous supervision, on charge of an internal Industrial Engineer, of the trades involved in the interior design. Coordination of unloadings, order of works, quality control and execution. Continuous presence at the building site.

  • 8.- Continuation of the advising, without deadline, once the work is finished and the establishment open, in the mentioned aspects and without additional charge.

Moreover, in the case of the project for a hotel:

  • 1.- List of all the interior design entries necessary to create a hotel, (including those which are not contracted through ATELIER 19)

    It consists of an enumeration by themes and sections in an individualised way of all the elements which are required to equip a hotel, and an estimated evaluation of each of them, to be able to establish a generic estimate, from which to derive the definitive one.

  • 2.- Supervision in the development of a model room with all the estimated elements.

  • 3.- Detailed analysis of the real needs of a hotel with such features. For example: is it necessary to have an internal laundry or is it more convenient to hire an external one? Is the cafeteria adequate for peaks of work during weekends?

  • 4.- Supervision and analysis of the distribution of spaces, uses and routes in the building, under a social, commercial and aesthetic point of view.

    For example: is the bar located at the most appropriate place? Does the receptionist have visual control of the whole establishment from his position? Is the reception big enough to receive large groups? Is there a covered access ramp to receive the client?

  • 5.- Coordination and advising to unify the criteria for the presentation of the establishment in public, promotion campaigns, press invitations, internet presence…

  • 6.- Selection amongst the options in materials and finishes offered by the builder in the items contracted by him (stone for facades, canals, roofs, etc.)

  • 7.- Supervision of the interior design and of the distribution of spaces in elements contracted through third parties (spa, kitchen…)

  • 8.- Design, estimate and supervision of a complete landscape gardening intervention.

  • 9.- The right to use the name of Vicente García Plana as artist and designer of an Author Hotel, is specifically authorized. His personal assistance at promotional events of the hotel is offered.